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PP~ Me and my dog, Pepper :)
BG~ Me and my horse, Snow White >.<

Hiya i'm Melanie mae :) Nice to meet you…Stranger? Do me a favor and click that pretty orange button up there For a free Hug and Oreo! ^-^

Here are some facts about me :)

-16 turning 17 soon!

-My birthday is Augest the 30th

-I'm not a mean person and i have a hard time being mean to people..

-I have dirty blonde hair ^-^

-Blue/green eyes

-I have AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) Yes i still have hair.

-I was born with Asthma

-I've had a bad past…

-I-I C-Cut but i like to think they're battle scars.

-I'm single ^-^ #TheSingleLife

-I play VolleyBall

Thats all for now! :) I'm here for anyone if you need to talk to someone Just shoot me a PM!

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