MeiLin Miranda writes literary fantasy and science fiction set in Victorian worlds, from her 130-year-old house in Portland, Oregon. Her love of all things 19th century (except for the pesky parts like cholera, child labor, slavery and no rights for women) has consumed her since childhood, when she fell in a stack of Louisa May Alcott and never got up.

MeiLin has been a professional writer for most of the last 35 years, focusing on nonfiction until a cardiac arrest and near death experience in 2006 convinced her she'd better get moving if she meant to write fiction.

Currently, she works on the fantasy series "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom" and the online fantasy western serial "Scryer's Gulch," and is a co-creator of the shared steampunk fantasy series "The Drifting Isle Chronicles." She lives with a husband, two kids, two cats, a floppy dog and far, far too much yarn.
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Scryer's Gulch

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Description: Treasury Agent Annabelle Duniway is on the trail of a brilliant, twisted spellcaster in a 19th century mining town full of demons, ghosts and werecritters in this fantasy western mashup serial. Updates every Friday, and episodes 1-53 are available i...

MeiLinMiranda commented on Scryer's Gulch - Episode 53: Justice

People of Wattpad! I have had the plague! I still have it. This is the worst chest cold, ever. Last week I couldn't even get out of bed let alone update, and I'm still sick.
      This is the last *published* episode I have. These is one more "in the can," and then I am into terra incognito. I intend to write more, and soon, but next week I am taking another skip week. I will be at OryCon, Oregon's biggest SFF convention, Nov 7-9. I've got a couple of readings, some panel appearances etc, so if you're in the area, come to the con! It's fun.
      Remember that these episodes are all first draft last draft, which means that I threw 'em up on my website as I wrote them, and I have changed nothing but typos here. Now that I'll be posting  on Wattpad "in real time" as well, that tradition will continue. (It also shortens the time from my brain to yours.)
      Thanks for reading so far. There is a Rabbit Runnels story up on Amazon/Nook/etc for the 18+ crowd called "Fears Moon Woman," and episodes 1-53 are available in a single ebook as well. If there's interest, I'm even planning a paperback version and an audiobook version.
      I'll be back in two weeks with episode 54! Thank you for reading!