Congratulations to @AnthonyTesla on being the 4th Winner of the Angel Catbird -Caption This Contest!!!
          	And another HUGE congratulations to @BenSobieck for being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!
          	Congratulations again to all the Winners and Thank You to everyone who took part!


@MargaretAtwood I entered the Hulu contest Handmaid's Tale. I have watched the Hulu televised series adapted from your novel by the same name. It is very heart stopping! 
          	  A few days after I had entered the contest in my city women dressed as Handmaids stormed the state congress building. I have joined up with them and wrote a second entry - a non fiction essay - with photographs of what happened. I wanted to send you a link. Thank you for your visionary novel.


@MargaretAtwood I'm still processing the first time my name and Margaret Atwood appeared next to each other. Oooo, boy, I don't know what to do with myself. I'd have to sit down if I wasn't already. What's the next step? Lay down? Get a tattoo?


¡Hola! Estoy empezando a escribir una nueva historia de ciencia ficción y un poquillo de romance. Creo que merece la pena echarle un vistazo y dejarle el apoyo que se merece. Me estoy esforzado mucho en este proyecto y espero que si decidís leerlo, lo disfrutéis tanto como yo estoy disfrutando escribiéndola. ¡Gracias! ❤️


Thank you for your work. I've particularly enjoyed your speculative fiction ever since The Handmaid's Tale (which I read in high school many eons ago), and also (perhaps obviously from my handle here) the MaddAddam series has been hugely influential on my own writing.