Hi there I'm Jennifer! I like to write, but it seems to just be a hobby. Sometimes, during writing one novel, I will come up with this whole new idea and start writing a new one. That's why I have a lot of unfinished work floating about in my computer. :)
But I'm really determined to actually finish one, as I never have before. Feel free to read my novel, How Many Times I Fell In Love, and join me in this journey.
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All or Nothing

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Description: Daniella Lancaster has always been #2 to her best friend, Victoria Boone. Not only does Vic already surpass her in looks, popularity, and charm, but now she's trying to take the guy Dani's always liked! When a...


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How Many Times I Fell In Love

How Many Times I Fell In Love

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Madelyne Pierce knows what she wants in life. She wants to be captain of the soccer team and get into a...