Hello! My name is LoverGirl223! As in my name, i am a lover. A lover of romance books, movies, plays, all of that! Also, im a huge adventure fanatic, with a little lust and horror. :) typical teenage drama :)
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LoverGirl223 LoverGirl223 Dec 01, 2012 11:01PM
Stay tuned for my first book im writing, going to be a movie i want to make with my friends. A tragic tale of survival, secrets, lies, and romance. Maybe a zombie or two ;)
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For We Bleed (A Slender Man Story)

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Description: He was never evil, or, I thought he wasn't. He was nice to me, unlike everyone else. Everyone saw us as beasts of the darkness, their cruel words piercing us. But he was kind, not a beast. Even the most beauti...


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Kiss Me Softly

Kiss Me Softly

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