Well, well, well. It seems you have come across the magical profile that is owned by the one and only Autumn Tomlinson!!
Yeah I wish.
Well since you are here.... I should tell you about my loving self;)

I am a hard core directioner,brat, and panemanic. That is One Direction, Cher Lloyd, and The Hunger Games.
I am13
I think I am ugly(what girl doesn't)
I like sad music:)
I love to draw, sing, and write.
Believe it or not I can't write good fanfics. Nope not at all.... I need to write original stories for them to actually sound good. Why do I know this? Well when I was writing an original story for my writing class, I managed to make a girl cry. Cool right? But I really love making fanfics of my own;)

If your still reading do me a favor follow me on twitter @Autumn_1D_HG and instagram @autumnforever26 I also have some pages. If want to know them comment. Cause I'm to dang lazy to put them. :P Xxx.~Autumn
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Littlegalswagger Littlegalswagger Nov 06, 2012 06:13PM
Everyone please go fan @Thisismylife26 Such a talented writer:) 
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