"If I swallowed fifty aspirin would you call an ambulance?" 
          "No," This time his expression was plain but I liked the way it slightly hardened when he looked at me; like he was displeased, uninterested, but still unable to let me go. "I'd just fvck your mouth until you puked them back up." 
          Your next literary obsession has arrived...


Hi Lisa! I got read it first your book the Dirty Rich Cinderella Story in Radish and i love the book so much that i cant wait 12 hrs just to read the next chap. So i tried to search it here in Wattpad, thinking maybe you also have it here in  watty but to my dismay you are not posting it here but you have a lot of books here. I plan to read those later when i have more time. But for now, i just want to know if where can i read Dirty Rich Cinderella in another book app or readsite?  You know I love reading stories that relates about lawyers and a self made career driven woman. Thats why i cant sleep finding your book. But anyways, thank you of your book. Byee and good luck!


I can’t see why you post your writing on watt pad when none of it is free and not complete. I realize you must make a living but people who read on this site are usually like me and can’t afford to buy the books even though we are very avid readers. Don’t mean to be disrespectful just stating my thoughts!!! 


Try on Radish... u will get one epi at 24 hours