I love:
-writing! Duh!
-blonde guys with blue eyes
-The Night World books by L. J. Smith
-ruining peoples lives (JK!)
-the following musical artists:
-Breaking Benjamin
-Linkin Park
-Emblem 3!!!
-The Wanted
-Carrie Underwood
-Taylor Swift
-Sara Bareilles
-Christina Perri
-Ellie Goulding!!!!
-So You Think You Can Dance
-The Amazing Spider-Man!
-The Divergent Trilogy! ;(

People you should check out:

- @BrookiCookie - an awesome person who I happen to be writing an awesome book with.
- @paintballgirl2000 - she is sooo sweet
- @Maniacal_girl - because she has creative story ideas. (Good fantasy and werewolf)
- @TeamXEpic - my shared account with BrookiCookie. Check out our book! It’s really awesome!
- @fangirl2222 - my friend who writes fanfictions
- @MilkAndOreos - my shared account with @aamelia
- @mormanstar101 - My friend who is just pretty dang awesome!
- @vanessafalcon17

If you like my books, go follow me on Twittter at @LindyWindyWatt
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No Thanks, Mate [Completed]

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Description: Growing up is hard, but it’s practically impossible if you’re Elaine Butler. She knows pain, and won’t forget it. But things are starting to go crazy when she meets Kyle Rockwood, a boy who claims to be a we...

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