LibbieBlackout422: I LOVE to read! I love to write too! I'm 19. I am a hugger. MOST people will tell you I'm crazy....i'm not i'm just an excited thinker. I am a reincarnate (It means I believe that we are reincarnated over and over again so that we can have every experience before we become something that watches over other people). I have two moms and one dad (My parents are devorced and my dad recently got re-married). 8 guys recently have crushes on me (three of which have told me they 'love' me) pretty creepy. Honestly I am not that confident in my looks... My favorite color is green. My favorite movie(s) is/are: Avatar, Warm bodies, Alien franchise, Predator franchise, Alien vs predator franchise, anything SyFy. I love wolves. I am an anime nerd. I love video games (mostly shooting ones). I play both paintball and laser tag with my dad and sometimes several others. I absolutely love Predators (as I said above). AVP is my favorite predator movie so far, as of the special effects. I have five younger siblings. My half- sister Jordin, my Step-sister Hannah, my baby half-brother Kieran, my (dead at age day one) half-sister Meridith, and my youngest brother (also half) Colton.

Freakout: I am the sister to Knockout even though I am a 'bot not a 'con. I honestly don't know why he chose the 'con life, all Lord Buckethead does is threaten his soldiers and plot world domination and the end of the 'bots. I was human for a looong time and as a result my name was Libbie but my Cybertronian designation is Freakout.

Lar'ja: My name means Dark in Yautja. I am 9,500 ooman years old but only 25 in Yautja years. I was raised by my Yautja father on his home planet as my ooman mother died giving me life. I look more ooman than I do Yautja which comes in handy when trying to blend with the oomans while observing them. But not in fitting in on Yautja Prime.
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Two Fish in the Sea (Finnick Odair...
Leena-Einin (pronounced: A + neen) Harper is the daughter of two victors one from 4 the other from 11. She is...
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My OCs
A collection of all my OCs. Including ones I have not added to stories yet.
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