Hey everyone. My name is Lexurple because everyone calls me Lex and I LUV the color purple! Here are a few facts about me.

I am the type of girl who will speak my mind around anyone.. I am me and if you don't like it then well.. you just don't.

I. Love. Gummy. Bears!!!!!! Stick gummy worms in my face and I will bite your finger (I seriously hate the things.. Gummy bears are easier because you can have them attack eachother and even decapitate them (I do that alot XD)

My Music!!

Panic! At the Disco
Katy Perry
Bruno Mars
Blood On The Dance Floor
Nicki Minaj
Black Veil Brides
Lady Gaga

As you can tell I'm very versatile when it comes to my music....and sometimes people.. I am not friends with snobs, sorry but I can't stand them.. But really can anyone?

My favorite song of the month.......

Miss Murder by AFI

It's awesome..Listen to it.. (and look at the music video too!)

║(O)║ ♫ music♫ It is my LIFE!

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Featured work.

I love my best friend.. Who is the vampire king. Since when did he become king?!

Social data: 59.8K reads. 1.1K votes. 276 comments.

Description: This is the story about Skyler and Avonlea.. The sequel to Adopted into a vampire family, just to marry their son?!?! Yes this is the same one I wrote in a sample in that one.. I just changed the title.


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I can't love you... You're my soulmate.

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Nightclan (A werewolf story)

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To melt the coldest heart I've ever known...

To melt the coldest heart I've ever known...

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