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Stories by Laura Stapleton
The Very Worst Man by LauraStapleton7
The Very Worst Man Romance
Alexandra had watched him all through her brother's murder trial. Watched as Hayden presented evidence that led the jury to convict Stan. She wants to hate him. Instead, she's in love with the very worst man.
Imposter by LauraStapleton7
Imposter Mystery / Thriller
A fake doctor played the medical hero with Dr. Aaron Nicholson's credentials. No one died, but what about the next patient the identity thief treats? Aaron must find out who his imposter is before someone dies.
Unavoidable by LauraStapleton7
Unavoidable Romance
Samuel Granville came to Missouri on a two-part mission. First was to get a group of emigrants from Independence to Oregon City. Second was to get his brother Nick back home to the Willamette Valley. While glad to...