*Heya people!! This is a joint account with me, Kaitlyn, and Lucy!! We ave symbols for when we write mine is * Lucy is ~!! 
~ Hiyaa x
* We are kinda crazy and are really energetic and hyper all the time!! We go to school :P
~ OH NO Kaitlyns singing x lol x
* was i????... opps :D We ave crazy imaginations so beware!!! cause love unicorns!!! WHY cant we fly its not fair birds get to!!
~C wat i have 2 put up with x lol x Sooooooooo Im very Hyper now cause Kaitlyn gave my coke cola xxxxx
*whoooo!! so the main thing is that wat ever we write will be of the top of are heads and are heads are a bit mad so beware!! We cant spell to gd ether :/ So we will give u wat we got, hope u like!! xoxox
~hope u enjoy r stories x

*Dont you think it is a wee bit werid that edward cullen is still a virgin??
~I think that tells you something !!!

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Its nothing but a Dragons Destiny (ON HOLD)

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Description: Maria Henshen thought she was a normal girl but she was told different when she got expelled from her old school and got transfered to Avery boarding school, where everything changed and she came up against th...


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You call this Romance?!?

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