Chongnam: Hello everyone!
Waesum: Hi.
Chongnam: You're always so quiet.
Waesum: That's better than being loud and obnoxious.
Chongnam: I'm not loud and obnoxious!
Waesum: actually you are...
Chongnam: I'M NOT!
Waesum: okay, okay. Just introduce yourself.
Chongnam: Oh, yeah.
Hello everyone! My name is Lee Chongnam. I'm currently 15 years old.As you can see, I'm a boy. I have blue eyes and brown hair, but recently I colored it blonde. Now I look like an idol. I love singing and dancing. I attend the Seoul Academy For Performing Arts.
People say I talk too much and I'm loud, but they also say that's my charm.
Waesum: Sure.
and that was my lovely boyfriend
Waesum: Yes, I'm the lovely boyfriend.
may I introduce myself now?
Chongnam: Yes, yes you may.
Waesum: Hello.
my name is Kim WaeSum. I'm 16 years old as of now.
I have, as most say, emerald eyes.
Chongnam: They're beautiful
Waesum: Thanks.
I have dark brown straight hair. Just like my boyfie, I love singing. Dancing a little bit less. I also attend the Seoul Academy For Performing Arts. I have been blessed by God with the talent of singing and I will always enjoy that.
People say that I'm quiet and shy, but they don't know me that good.
Chongnam: True, he can get really loud, fun, lively and sometimes even scary...
Waesum: I only interrupted you once, why do you interrupt me twice!?
Anyhow... I am very friendly and loyal, I will always help when you need it.
That was everything I had to say.
Chongnam: Oh, you're finished now... Okay bye bye!!
Waesum: I hope to meet you again.
Chongnam: You're too formal.
Waesum: Be quiet!
Chongnam: Okay~!

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