My name is Kyle, I'm not a writer but more of a reader... I always dream of becoming a writer but unfortunately i become a frustrated writer, intro pa lang wala na....

I'm also an anime lover since birth and even though I'm already old i still enjoy watching anime specially those anime that have super cute and hot guys.... ^_________________^

I love to eat a lot, its a hobby of mine even though i remain slim though i keep myself busy by eating and I'm also super talkative and get easily addicted to something that caught my attention.

So............. That's all folks!!! Hopefully i gain more friends here... ^______^

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ei guyz!!!.... just wanna inform u that im already using another account... it will really really make me happy if you will also follow me there... 
      i'm using Lykzwatty
      thank u thank u.... dont forget to follow!!....