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it's been awhile, don't know what to say :[


Life is unpredictable in many ways yet always changing.....I guess the unpredictable though in a way it was known was bond to happen........trouble is I too feel #######?


Lately I don't know what to feel and I wander if I'll crack or something......I guess I am starting to feel tiered of everything around me......*sigh*


Aahhhhh...I lost my second story when I was editing. Man I hate when my computer freezes....maybe next time.
So I decided to post a different story for now until I fix the other one later, but who knows maybe I can update for awhile.
............Well I posted my first story and I took it down today sept. 15 2012 b/c i just started college this week and have realized I won't have time for it, not only that but i am going to change it just a bit anyway so i might be able to put it back up later so good luck to all who post their stories............

hi, as you can see i am a new comer and i also have an account on booksie.com. i hope to find wattpad as another place to enjoy reading stories and poems. i am not very social and am often confused about my own feeling and have created this account to have a chance to find more...

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