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She's An Assassin: Black Pearl
What Hurts The Most?
Why Can't It Be?

Should I Say Goodbye?
Undestined Lovers

[Onhold / Soon]
Again Or Never? [Jewel Sato's Story]
Kanari Castillo
Love Is A Bitch
The Witness
What Hurts The Most?

Black Pearl [Volume 1]
Why Can't It Be? [Volume 1]
Wish Granted [Gold Manga Vol.3]

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What Hurts The Most? [Unedited]

Social data: 216K reads. 4.2K votes. 881 comments.

Description: She's cold to everyone, she's silent on what she feels and she's emotionless... but, what if one day.. The ice one melts? What if the silent one, became the noisy one? What if the one who cannot feel any pain, Is the one who will bear the WORST pain?

#349 in Teen Fiction

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Love Is A Bitch

Love Is A Bitch

672 38 14

"Ang napagod na pagmamahal ay parang nalalantang bulaklak. Dating maganda pero unti-unting pumapanget...

She's An Assassin: BLACK PEARL

She's An Assassin: BLACK PEARL

670K 14K 1.1K

[To be Published under PSICOM] She's not an ordinary girl. She's not the girl that you're expecting to...

#19 in Mystery / Thriller
Why Can't It Be? [PUBLISHED]

Why Can't It Be? [PUBLISHED]

2.2M 16.8K 3.3K

[Cover by / @kwonyulie19] "A girl who's trying to be strong because she ended up CRYING ALONE ." [PUBLIS...

#45 in Random
Undestined Lovers

Undestined Lovers

2.8K 89 28

"We lost in our fight with the destiny, because..... we fell in love with each other." - TIFFANY SANTOS