Heya! I'm KittyBoof8! Wait, you already know that. Umm... this is awkward.

Uh, My favourite ice cream flavour is... what is it again? I'm not good at choosing favourites. I suppose out of the more common flavours it might be boysenberry ripple, but then I also really like green apple sorbet. Hmm, decisions. And then there's also that really nice... oh! Sorry, I forgot you were there! Now you see why I don't choose favourites, heh. Maybe I should organise this a bit better rather than just rambling on... I bet you're bored already, aren't you?

Off the top of my head, I am Undertale trash, a Potterhead, a Whovian, a Sherlockian, and a bunch of other things I've forgotten. I like anime and manga, as well as reading, writing, drawing, and wasting my life in various ways.

I have plenty of stories in the making, but don't get your hopes up that they'll be finished anytime soon. As I said, I barely ever do anything but procrastinate. Heck, I'm procrastinating right now (or should I say WRITE now? I love making puns) by writing this description! Besides, I tend to have so many ideas that I never finish any of them! Also, I'm really indecisive so that even if I post something I often take it down again to rewrite it entirely!

Just a warning, even though I like those things doesn't mean I'm good at them. I draw the covers for my books, which is another reason they take so long! As for writing, I'm pretty good at the grammar and stuff, but the actual quality of the story is another thing. But hey, it's Wattpad, no one cares about those things! (That was a joke, please don't kill me! But seriously, the amount of cliche stories I've seen on Wattpad is TOO HIGH, PEOPLE!)

Now, go read one of my stories!

(Still not interested? Well, if you follow me, I'll follow you, so you can get free follows here! In fact, that's probably the only situation I'll follow you in! Even if you write the most awesome books, I'll just add them to my library! So yeah, follow me!)
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So I wrote a book and I want someone to read it. Yeah, that's about it.
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