To the person in my class who is currently trying to find my account: hi. Welcome to hell. In here, you get to see all my fandoms and fictional crushes that, let's be real here, are completely nonsensical. I mean, really. A fucking turtle? That's sad even for me, but if you want me to just not write about this ridiculous shit, then you expect too much of me. My tumblr is HeyHeyDidjaKnow. My subjects may be shit, but at least it helps me stay in practice. DM me if you know who I am, and if, for some unfathomable reason, you like my writing? Follow along as I torture this self insert character. 
Fandoms: TMNT (mainly 2012 but I'm willing to learn), Danganronpa, Death Note, Fran Bow, DDLC, Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, OHSHC, Undertale (and most of the AUs associated with it), Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, The Promised Neverland, You (book or TV show), The Good Place, Mystic Messenger, MLB, HOO/PJO, How To Get Away With Murder (currently watching the season 5 finale, and if anyone spoils season 6 before I update this message, I'm throwing hands) and more I probably just can't remember.
If you're interested in me writing x reader fics for any of these, if the demand is there, I'll write them. One shots I'll do regardless of demand, but if people want to see a longer fic with a certain character or premise, I'm always down to write.
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KillOrBeKilledQueen KillOrBeKilledQueen Oct 08, 2022 08:21PM
Hi. Hello. I recognize that y’all are here for the TMNT and may be wondering why there has been like none of that. Short answer is that my hyperfixation shifted from TMNT to Death Note so my Tumble (...
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