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(Blame Trails of Cold Steel 2 .-. )

I'm just your averagely weird, loud, multi-shipping, sometimes depressing, sinful, and nocturnal Filipino fudanshi. I'm a proud otaku, apostle of dankness, and gamer. I'm a sucker for musicals, poetry, cute things, and all things ice cream.

I ship all things shippable, and I mean EVERYTHING shippable (because wynaut?), fictional or real. My relationship status? Always looking for a WiFi connection, of course.

I'm currently major trash for BnHA, YOI!, the Okegom series, DDLC, Danganronpa, Mobile Legends(I main Odette), Heathers, Mystic Messenger, and Star Driver (just revisited again, and damn I srsly love it, and hate the fact that the fandom is so smol).

*Some* of my biggest ships include:
-DekuBowl, BakuDeku, BakuTodoDeku, TodoDeku, KiriDeku, ShinDeku, and more
-Samekichi x Wadanohara
-Yosafire x Froze
-Kcalb x Ethiw
-Everyone in the Literature Club x each other (they're so shippable dear lawd)
-MysMes MC x the RFA members (mostly with Jaehee if female MC, and all of them if male lolol)
-Zumin, Vumin, Yooseven, Choicest (Shh don't judge me) and well tbh pretty much everyone x everyone (everyone's just too hot hngh)
-Gusley, Aluby, Lancedette, Hayagura, Hanagura, Hayabi, Alucard x Zilong, Vale x Valir, Tigreal x Natalia, and much more
-SugaTaku, SugaWako, TakuWako, SugaTakuWako
-Takuto x Kanako (... sht I see literally no fanfic for this)
-Originalshipping, Palletshipping, Preciousmetalshipping, Ferriswheelshipping and Isshushipping
-Kaito x Len, Kaito x Gakupo, Kaito x Miku (most especially as Adam and Eve Moonlit), Miku x Luka
-Nalu, Gratsu, Stingue (lots more)
-Soul Evans x lots of people (mostly Soul x Kid)
-[insert lots of my ships for my classmates]
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