Hello there wonderful people of the wattpad world. If your reading this than congratulations you my friend are an amazing person. Don't stop now keep going! I am 15 almost 16. I'm a triplet people yes there are three of me. I love chocolate peanutbutter ice cream. Yummmmm.  I listen to country music and have a cowboy hat. I ride horses and rope cattle.:) when I write I tend to lose interest in what I'm writing or hate it so my stories always get destroyed. I wish there was a machine that can take the images from your head and turn them into a story. That would be awesomeness. I love reading and am a sucker for romance. Feel free to give me feed back on any of my stories if I ever get anymore up. Fan me please the more the merrier. Also vote I would love to move up on the charts. Again I need a story up first but I will soon. Did you know that when you say hey a horse will eat your face because hay is for horses. :D
Ta Ta for now
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KatiBrook KatiBrook Feb 12, 2013 04:36AM
@MangaLoverz99 Hey I read it and loved it!! sorry havent been on in a few days.. :)
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Description: Mia Daniels is a 16 year old girl stuck in a small town. Abandoned by her father and her brother she loses herself. Now her brother is coming back and he intends to change there small town and bring it back to...