Keyla Kowalska Creplive (born June 17, 1988), Brazilian, proofreader, translator, poet, and writer. Passionate about animals and nature. Cinema and photography are some of her hobbies. From an early age what she always knew when she grew up: Biologist or veterinarian. However her plans have changed course, today she is graduated in Portuguese/Spanish Letters, Post-Graduate student in Theory and Practice of Professional Translation, and Graduate student in Librarianship. She studied for 2 and a half years in Veterinary Medicine, however, she had to lock the course without any prediction for return, but she still intends to resume it. Also, she has an entrepreneurial spirit, acts as a linguistic consultant in the home office for 6 years and offers services as a pet caretaker for 3 years.

She dreams to become a great writer one day, be recognized worldwide and touch the hearts of many readers.
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