Name: Jason
Nickname: Jace, Teddy Bear (only by Kianni)
Surname: Alexander Lionheart
Married name: Agreste
Age: 25
Living: Everywhere
- King Cecile
- Queen Lilly
- Cole William Lionheart (deceased)
- David "Hiccup" Samson Lionheart (married name: Agreste)
- Lilly Elizabeth Lionheart
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Prince David Lionheart (Agreste)
Princess Kianni Agreste
- Hydra commander tattoo on the middle of his chest (formerly, still activated)
- A pair of angel wings on his collarbone
- Kianni's name written in fancy print, an infinity symbol going through it over his heart
- Swords
- Blades
- A Titan form from Attack on Titan
- His original Elurian Prince form
- Other unknown powers and abilities from Hydra experiments
Fc: Charlie Hunnam
  • Berk & Dragon Sanctuary.
  • JoinedJune 16, 2019

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