"For in the end and all and all,
Do what is right before your fateful fall."

I write what I wish and wish what I write. Within the forest of imagination I at times dwell. I wish simply this, for you to take a stroll down the wooden path within my books.

Because beneath every cover is an epic, beneath every page is a tale, beneath every word is a story, beneath every letter... alas, the answer is before you, it is, of course, the writer.

Enjoy your day, for after all, time ceases not.

"I am the spark of life pure,
And I am death as you do know for sure,"
-The Eternal Dispute

"There is no greater place, than a place that has no bounds, a place where better is relative, a place with no greater. This is the world of imagination."
-Dawn of the Immortalis Vol. 1: The Triumvirate

"There is no such thing as a petty life, all life is equal."
-A Petty Life

"Sitting atop a throne made of silver sat a rather plump king, with a stereotypical gold crown resting atop his poorly shaven head."
-The Crown of Corruption

Semper in excretia sumus; solim profundum variat.
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Stories by J. T. Huggett
The Eternal Dispute by JHuggett
The Eternal Dispute Poetry
When life and death take on form, at last they meet. These are the woven banters of life and death. Come, take a seat, and gaze into The Eternal Dispute...
Book'O'Thoughts by JHuggett
Book'O'Thoughts Poetry
[Wattpad Featured Book][#13 poetry (03/11/16)]What is a thought? A fickle thing is it not? With it pain may be wrought and or salvation brought. It is this that I sought, to express my inner thought. Enjoy what I h...
Dawn of the Immortalis: Volumes 1-3 by JHuggett
Dawn of the Immortalis: Volumes 1-3 Fantasy
Beneath this shadowed veil of words lies a tale of the unseen world, never yet has its brilliance been penned down, until now. Every tick of the clock is followed by a tock, comparisons and balance, foundations of...