⠀┌ ┐
⠀⠀⠀ shut your
⠀└ ┘

hello, friendsies! my name is
olivia, but you may call me liv,
the girl who procrastinates about
doing anything unless it involves
food. i'm an eighteen year old
asexual pan(cake) girl whom is
too tall to be considered smol, so
i guess that just makes me a
regular old bean. i'm a taurus,
infp, and a hufflepuff, and (totally)
scientifically accurate online
tests suggest i belong in amity
and district seven respectively.
ooh, and i must also mention that
i hardcore stan the loml's, john
boyega and tom holland.

*:・゚✧ updates:

↳ my username is iydiamartin.
the 'l' in lydia is actually a capitol 'i',
so keep that in mind when tagging
me in things you want me to see!

↳ all fics are currently unpublished
aside from 'static', and 'wildflower',
which are my top priorities for now.
'instinct' will also remain, as it is
completed. all other fics, however,
will start to make slow comebacks
in the future once i find myself in a
healthy and comfortable mindset
in which i can continue writing
and editing them. as always, thank
you for being patient with me and
for sticking around! i love you all! )

⠀┌ ┐
⠀ that's not how
the force works!
⠀└ ┘

*:・゚✧ find me here:
↳ spotify: iydiamartin
youtube: iydiamartin
deviantart: newtalism
weheartit: peterparkour
tumblr: tomhollind

(and p.s: i miss wells jaha)

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Iydiamartin Iydiamartin Oct 18, 2017 10:16AM
i REALLY want to challenge myself by exploring the idea of writing a blind oc. i wouldn’t have a clue what fandom to write them into, but i’d love to give it a shot and get some diversity/representat...
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