Hello My name is Aly. A 16 year old girl who loves horror, gore, pastel, romance, teen, supernatural...Just about anything that isn't an Algebra book. The discovery a new book to read will just fill me up with *the feeling*. Every avid reader knows that feeling. It starts like a deep throbbing inside your heart. Slowly a warmth spreads through your entirely. You have an involuntary smile on your face, hearts racing a million beats per second, your body topples into a free fall of happiness and warmth. Everything is perfect...then its the end and you crash into the earth full speed. Ripping away all feeling leaving you cold and numb. 

That is reading.

Enough about reading, lets continue this bio.
I love to draw. I practically live it. I draw everyday and night. (Even if i should be sleeping) DM me if you also love to draw, I need new artist friends. We could share artworks and talk about...idk anything!

I also am a huge lover of music and running. The two always seem to clash for some reason, however, I could never see myself without both. They are so meaningful to me with the experiences and people.

Whenever I eventually get to writing a book, I'd deeply appreciate some help with grammar. I am terrible with spelling no matter how hard I try. It's a problem that I hope one-day I can solve. I am also a constant comma user. It's a hassle for some people, having to read something with so many pauses. Please if you see any mistakes message me. I would love that so much!

Well I'd like to thank you for putting up with my life story and deranged ramblings. You're a peach for doing that...a peach scone (eh get it?). Anyway thank you so much for reading this whole thing. I hope to one day make a story that is worth of such a human! Have a wonderful day/night/year.

Also a quick shoutout to an amazing author and super chill friend Jessica (Aka @SchoolRainbow ( don't let the name fool you)).
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