I dont know about you ... But I love Justin Bieber ;)
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    Somewhere chillin' in Narnia ;)
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    Jun 27, 2011 07:09AM
IamBelieber11 IamBelieber11 Feb 05, 2012 03:23AM
Uploading tomorrow. Sorry I haven't I've been sick :( 
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Never Say Never. (A justin Bieber Love story.)

Social data: 10.5K reads. 157 votes. 80 comments.

Description: This is a love story about a girl named Abbie from Australia with a dream and A boy named Justin who is teen superstar. (lol you just saw how freakishly un-talented i am with writing depscripions!.)


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Avoiding Justin.

Avoiding Justin.

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He’ll do anything in his power just to get her back. But is his current girlfriend getting in the way of...

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