Hello to anyone and everyone reading this. This is just a short little background on me.  I love to read, to write, as well as science, and learning in general. Additionally I love being outdoors for numerous reasons, the biggest of which is that it helps me think through my a lot of my problems. I also enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, and shooting guns, especially big guns, such as my Mosin Nagant or my late father's Remington 870 12 gauge pump-action shotgun.

I'm fascinated by physics I'm incredibly anti-social with most people, who give me good reason to refer to the human race as "sheeple" and thus I hold an incredibly cynical and misanthropic view on human nature. If anyone reading this is familiar with Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI as it is more commonly know) I am very much an INTJ.

My reading preferences include poetry and prose, with my favorite author of such being Edgar Allan Poe. I also enjoy fantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction. Additionally I read a lot of fanfiction. So far my writing has consisted entirely of poetry, however I am working on a fantasy novel, that I intend to publish, and will probably venture into non-fiction in the future. Thus concludes the "About Me" section of this profile.
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