If someone says to change they don't deserve you. always be yourself no matter what never let people use you as a carpet to wipe their feet upon,never lie down to people to make it easier for them

No ones perfect,
but we can, however, strive to be.
Imperfections are perfections

also 💓 Persassy Jackson.
some girls would scream about living the PJ life
I read, devour, devote my life to Rick Riordan books.
some think he's a troll
at which point I scream & quote NOT SO, FOUL CREATURE!" I adore HP, but will mainly write about PJ. If you don't know what those letters stand for, I'd get off. Siriously.

I 💖 pun pages.

Styx and stones may break your bones, (so will Ares)but words will never hurt you.

We are us. I'm me, you're you. No one else.

Socially Awkward


If offered...
Decline godhood
Journey through the Labyrinth
Avenge Zoë.
Retrieve the Fleece
DO NOT put on flying shoes


If offered..
DO NOT trust Hera/Juno
Rescue Thanatos
I advice against going to Hell
Kill evil enchantresses


Do not trust turbans
Don't pick up stray diaries
Trust the Marauders Map
Have Dumbledore on your side
Don't trust pink toad faced people
Potions books are uses right, even if there are squiggles. Trust that.
Horcruxes are EVIL!

---Protect Nature----
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