The bad news is that wattpad removed My Only One story... but the good news is that I made the story live again, here ❤️
          	It's been a week since January 19 when MOO has been removed here by the site itself. I kept myself from any statements while I was trying to contact the administration to find out for what reason my story was missing from the platform and.. if it could be miraculously restored. I knew in advance though, they don't care.
          	Everytime I respectfully requested to explain they just sent me a copy of the same message for every request, it was a list of many possible reasons from guidelines. Just a copy-paste they probably send to everyone, to many authors who suffered the same issue. I'm not alone. Thousands of stories were removed for nothing.
          	It was discouraging. I already rated my story as mature & 18 and up. A whole year of efforts to upload was wasted.
          	The lost ratings are the least thing I worry about, I
          	only feel sad about the comments from readers, the
          	emotions they shared and the good memories - it is all gone.
          	I'm sorry, I truly hope you all are not upset. We can
          	bring the party back again. After all, it's not the places this story is posted on that are important, but the people who read this story - they are important.
          	I had to crop, cut out some pictures, blur
          	some words, replace them with less sensitive versions and avoid any possible triggers. And then I reuploaded all parts again.  As I learn my from
          	mistakes, I improve. 
          	For me this story stays in my soul, I can post it anywhere. So, we good, we stay calm and keep going on. Forgive me for this silence, I hope for your
          	understanding ❤️


@HMNLVR both of you are talented writers, i hope you upload the next episode soon, please approve me on your twitter.. i follow you since januari but now its private, pleaseeee...thank you  ^_^


@alya00mess the next chapter is longer than I expected 


@DewiNovember kayymee is taking this story right from My Only One. It's like her animated remake. I am the only author and creator of My Only One. I haven't contacted kayymee  in a while too but I hope and pray she's well ^^ <3


Hello.. have anyone read a story where jungkook is a model and taehyung is a business man secretly dark sided.. they meet, fall in love nd marry.. taehyung secretly kills everyone who crosses paths with jungkook.. one day kook knows about this and leaves him.. tae even have an angel with cuffs potrait which depicts jungkook.. tae misunderstands jungkook's relation with his doctor and one day he ties jungkook and cuts his wrist attempting to kill himself.. and after that he's rescued by john.. and for 5 years tae won't forgive jungkook.. have anyone read this story?? Please help me find this author


Thank you, author nim @HMNLVR. New reader here. I’m so glad to find you a few months ago… your drawings are exquisite and the story is beautifully written.
          I’m so glad to follow you on Instagram and was beyond happy to see your update. I know all of you authors have real life issues so I just patiently wait for all updates. I’m sorry about your health issues. I hope you are recovering well. Sending you the best and a big HUG and again thank you for all you’ve done. Borahae <33


Thank you for the update finally the wait is over 
          I am really happy they are finally together the war is over but i am also scared Please don't separate them again or kill one of them Please i am begging you 
          I don't think my heart can handle a sad ending 
          We have been waiting for this for so long we deserve a happy ending