I'm like every other wattpad girl out there who has a load of stuff to do but I'm still online at 3 a.m. trynna fit in that one last chapter before I get to the mental breakdown that every procrastinator experiences.
I love werewolf books (bec who said Jacob Black is over-rated) and a big fan of Robby (Rob Thier)(OFCOURSE I know him been stalking him for ages now 😏) I am and always will be a Potterhead, Sherlockian and SPN never gets old no matter how many ppl come back to life. Merlin is fav and Fantastic Beasts is UHGFREGYEFGU
I was thinking of an ending for this but it's not like anyone's gonna read it and THIS IS NOT A BLOODY ESSAY WHOOPS TIME FOR MY APPOINTMENT IN THE PSYCH WARD TOODLES
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