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* Besides writing, I enjoy reading Brian Jacques' masterpiece, Lemony Snicket's smart humor, and Sunday comics with a side of Starbucks. My local library and Barnes and Noble are my secret caverns, and I study politics when I'm not studying a hot slice of spinach and feta cheese pizza.

* I'm an 18-year-old homeschooler that's been writing books with my older sister since I was 10 and I hope to continue by publishing my works in the future.

*If you feel like discussing books, or just random chat, feel free to send me an ask on my ask.fm account (link's below). If you can't reach that, then my messages are always open :)

* The Titan Chronicles is officially my main project! The first book in the series, Return of the Titans, is officially in its editing phase. Updates for its sequel, Rise of the Titans, will begin as soon as possible.

*Whenever I'm bored, I make book prompts and random graphics. If you'd like one, request one in the given book.

*I'm Captain of Team Fantasy on the campaign account, @Girlz_Rock. Feel free to contact us, as we're open for book submissions to add to our reading lists and for review.

Thanks for reading all of this! You deserve a complimentary Lucky Dog cap. :3

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GraceNightingale GraceNightingale Jan 13, 2017 12:28AM
Grammatical Word Bites has been updated! Today, we take a look at Verb Tenses, which surprisingly aren't that hard to understand. Well, excluding the fact that there's twelve of them. Feel free to gi...
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Grammatical Word Bites by GraceNightingale
Grammatical Word Bites Random
Just a list of grammatically-correct sample pieces for your run-of-the-mill writer. Take a read, if you like.
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