I have always been a day dreamer! My parents called me "The creative one" Once I began to talk and even more once I learned how to write. My interests are in music, history, and writing. I play the violin and am currently in my school orchestra. Aside from playing violin I like to write the novels I am working on and also add more poems to my Sailor Moon notebook I call my poetry book. In the past I struggled with learning and it was hard to be that aspiring A student my sister, "The mathematical one" was but I made a great yet extremely beneficial sacrifice of transferring to an amazing school which basically transformed me into a straight A student. The best day of my life was the day when I got A honor roll and my twin sister, "The mathematical one" got A-B honor roll. As immodest as it sounds it was still such an elating feeling. Reading, as well as doing well in grammar and vocabulary increased my writing skills to get me to where I am. My mother is a fantastic English teacher and journalist so she influenced me profoundly but the bulk of the influence that empowered my writing was from my natural creativity and strong dream of having a novel published. It doesn't have to be a best seller! I just want people to laugh at the things I place in there, feel the suspense and the heat, but most importantly enjoy it and rave about it and its teaching. Writing is an escape to your own paradise and poetry relieves that feeling you have of feeling enclosed and pouring out what you feel on  paper is both rejuvenating and exhilarating in a way. . Writing poems is the best solution when you are seeking comfort and self-worth. My ultimate inspiration for writing is Dr. Seuss, the most creative and wise person who ever lived. As a girl I  idolize Judy Garland. Keep reading :)
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