I really want to start writing again. How have you guys been?


amazing but if you do pls i cant handle heart break like yellow… literally makes me cry just thinking about it 


finished yellow last night and it just feels all real. i'm taking this very personal and i don't think i'll ever be the same. it was so good and heartbreaking idk if i'll ever recover. with knowing all this i want to reread it all over again


i wanted to say thank you for taking your time and writing Yellow, by the end of the epilogue i was actually crying so much i had to hide in the bathroom cause i didn’t want anyone to see. even tho this is just a fanfic it brings awareness to the situation harry was dealing with and i can’t thank you enough for that 


i just finished yellow. and all i have to say is holy sh!t. i’m crying so hard rn but i wanted to say thank you. thank you for representation. thank you for making something real. thank you for that book. you’re incredibly talented and i hope your doing well. i’ve never been this impacted by a book. you did such a good job