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Emily lives in Denver, Colorado with her three rats. She enjoys music, video games, and deconstructing social paradigms, with special regard for mental illness, gender, and health care.

She is an avid fan of Silent Hill, Supernatural, and H.P Lovecraft, and draws her inspirations from the constant nightmares she's had for 13 years. As such, her works tend to focus on an exploration of violence, immortality, and human consciousness.
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Raven's Night (COMING SOON) by Godhand
Raven's Night (COMING SOON) Fantasy
When the sun sets in the city state of Tiris, the townsfolk don't dare step foot outside. The night has eyes in the stars and the Old Gods are watching. The people offer prayers and offerings to deaf ears, and that...
11:34 (COMING SOON) by Godhand
11:34 (COMING SOON) Action
Gabriel wanted to live his own life, away from his father, but the world ending first was a bit overkill, if you asked him. He just wanted to ask his lab partner, Nikki Song, out for coffee. Take a break from study...
Fear Of The Dark by Godhand
Fear Of The Dark Paranormal
What do you do when your soul is broken and the ghosts of your past haunt you? While searching for her missing girlfriend, a journalism student is drawn into a deadly conspiracy involving a mysterious paranormal in...
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