Name : Hana Phantomhive .

Age : 17 .

Hair : Black long Hair .

Eyes : Electric Blue Eyes .

Family : Brother, Ciel Phantomhive, Father, mother, dead

Best Friends : xSanBonx (Sanne) ,Goldina1998, CartoonDrawer123 (Dawn),Nicolethepuppte, Minileika, lone-wolf-in-hell (Scarlet), Beyprincess.

Birthday : June 1 .

Likes : Star Watching , Reading , Playing soccer, My family and My friends.

Hates : Anything in pink, Evil people.(Who killed my parents).

Friends: All Toys, Withered, original, Phantoms, sister location and nightmare animatronics

My life : Well our father and mother died in a fire and left me and Ciel to face those monsters who kidnapped childern then they took me away from my brother and I made a contract with a demon named him Blade so did my brother with Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler) (Five Nights at Freddy's)
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