new book alert! ^^ i just published the first chapter. it's called 'Alexander's Disappearance' and i'd be grateful if you guys check it out.


Your story TEWG is one of my favorite!!!! The story thought me many things<33 it's my first time i stumbled in this kind of plot actually, huhuhu can't belive i just read one<33 i love reading time travelling although your story when i read it first it reaches higher than my expectations!<33 hope to read more of this kind of genre<33 you're good! Xoxo<3


Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. ❤️ Have a nice day!


FloraDuong your story The Empress Wears Gucci was absolutely brilliant, I'm glad you made two other endings for the two leading males. The story plot is amazing and sure there may be some flaws showing but the story was still phenomenal. I hope to be able to read another story you will be making!! Stay safe and healthy!