What movies scare you? Aaron wants the movie at his birthday thingy to be scary everyone so what scares you????


If someone killed you I wouldn't be at the funeral, I would be in jail for killing the person who killed you.
          We are true friends.
          Send this to all the people you care about, include me, if you care.
          I want you to know you are an amazing friend, to death and forever.
          If I don't get it I understand.
          But I have a game for you.
          Once you read this you have to send this to 15 people, including me.
          If you get 3 back you are loved!
          No one knows how important something is until they lose it..
          Tonight (right at 12:00 am) the person you love will realize they love you! 
          Then from 1am to 2am be ready for the shock of your life.
          With love, send this to 15 people
          My friend told me to do this, so pass in on!
          If you copy and paste this your next year will be filled with love and luck~!