Guys, first of sorry that I'm not uploading The Royal Heirs nowadays. Cause I've not written it yet. As "His Intense Love" was written already I only posted that......
          	I'll try to write that asap and update~ 
          	Thank you for understanding ♡ 


@EuphoriaFictions hiiii , I've messaged you in private section of Wattpad , I mean message section. Please check


Hey, sorry for posting here but i am past the desperate line. My story was deleted by wattpad and i lost all the views. So I am starting again. So please check out my story.
          *Also I changed my username from authorahalya to fictuationship*
          Sisters before misters
          Family drama
          Soft romance 
          Couple 1 tropes
          Arranged marriage 
          Marriage in crisis
          Reverse Grumpy x sunshine 
          She fell first but he fell harder
          Doctor× Doctor 
          Couple 2 tropes 
          Childhood friends to lovers 
          Friends with benefits 
          Sunshine couple
          He fell first and harder


Hii...Sorry for posting here but I have written a really interesting story with proper English and no cringe read my story( Taehyung ff)...story with both characters being equally try it and vote for it.
          I upload the next chapter every Friday
          Story: Arranged Art of Love: Diamonds and Dreams 
          Writer: taevishi