Welll.........I love English, History, Music. Writing, drawing and singing are my passions! I love volleyball and tennis :D I have a few best friends, and a great big circle of friends who are my bestest support system! 

I am random at times................well if you ask my friends they say I'm random all the time :D

If you want me to read or check out your stories you can post them here and I'll try to read and vote ASAP :D

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~pass the ribbon around if you know someone that has survived, DIED, or is living with cancer.
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Eternal_songstress Eternal_songstress 3 years ago
Hai! Hai! Chapter 5 of The Scars We Hide is now up! :D 
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The Scars We Hide

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Description: Kale Connor was thrown into a war and forced to fight for survival. Now five years after seeing such horrible events he still feels the pain of having to live day to day in fear and having the thoughts "...


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