hi! My name's Jirachi Of Frost and welcome to my ... whatever this thing's called... anyways Here's some info about me:)
-first off I love cute things...
-I have a small collection of stuffed Pokemon that includes only 5 currently
-my favorite animal is an alligator because their cute at one point and then deadly when fully grown
-I write mostly fantasy stuff
-I love cats and kittens and would choose a cat over a dog any day
-my favorite concept of a story is when a story that seems to be set in the distant past have a huge plot twist were it's actually the future!!!
-my favorite color is an extreamly light shade of blue that almost borders on white
-my current favorite game is either nier automata or persona 5
-my favorite anime is danganronpa 3 the end of hope's peak side future
-my favorite franchise is either Pokémon or kingdom hearts
-I have a few thousand trading cards of Pokemon and yu-gi-oh that I almost never use
-the majority of the time I'm on electronic devises is spent reading
-my favorite Pokemon is jirachi
-I can't handle or watch/read any horror stuff without nightmares and yet one of the things I'm writing is horror related...
-I hate writing non-fiction stuff and am also extremely bad at it...
-my hand writing has been known to be called times new hieroglyphics...
-I love fantasy
-I love mythology
-I love many different forms of architecture found in old structures but would have to choose gothic as my favorite building style
-my current fav song is Weight of the World (the end of YoRHa)
-I play the clarinet and alto saxophone
-I am male

Things I'm looking forward to
1. Kingdom hearts 3
2. Attack on titan 2 (PS4)
3. Fate/Extra
Thanks for reading!!!
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