Hello friends! I'm going to try something new here. From now on, if you would like to send me a prompt to write or have any suggestions, please use my inbox or the conversation board! This is only because it gets confusing trying to remember every comment on the book that is a request and which ones are not. Feel free to private message me about any of the above mentioned materials. Keep being amazing my lovelies!


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Hi anna, so I love your work and if you have the time I have  an idea for one of your sick fictions in the heroes of olympus and magnus chase


Annabeth is visiting her dad and gets sick. Her dad was away for the next two days when she got sick and her step mom had to take care of her.


Hi, I really really like your sickfic book and I was wondering if you can do a sick Percy like something bad with his stomach? If this sounds weird sorry I have terrible way with words. Take your time ❤


Hello, I see you haven't posted in a while and just wanted to see if your ok....( I know the holidays are destructing and please don't let me bother you)


Oh my goodness! You are so sweet! I’m perfectly fine. Just busy in my real life. Thank you for checking on me! I’m actually getting a few stories finished up right now!