People read to escape...make it a world worth escaping to.
The best stories are told from your heart, written from your soul and not forced to come forth but found by patience~ ErosRiot ;)
~I play guitar
~I write both music and stories
~I'm 18
~I believe in REAL music
~I'm starting to love life again :) #If the world ends at least I'll die happy
And so much more...

Favourite Musician= Ben Howard
Favourite Wattpadder= @Pink_Candy
Real life Wattpad friend=@PachiesGirl95
Favourite Place=The beach
Favourite Material Item= My guitar (: Jam
Best story on Wattpad= WILDFIRE BY @Aurevoirsimone

I am always looking for new stuff to read, so if you are awesome and have written a book, then post it in my message board and I will read it ^.^

~The Himitin Series~
1#Cross My Heart (almost finished)
...future books of the series...
2#Hope To Die
3#I Try Not To Cry
4#As You Say Goodbye
5#One Final Time

Falling For You


FACEBOOK PAGE! : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

:Please check it out so I can actually begin to make it look interesting... :D:

Spread the love. Start a Love Riot.

Funky love, MJ x

P.S. I love life... make every moment count cause one day you are going to look back on your life...make sure it's a good show! We Were Born To Shine.

ER............. over and out.
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ErosRiot ErosRiot Jul 01, 2013 08:24AM
I'm so sorry! I've been out of action for quite sometime, I blame the exams! HOWEVER I am now FREE of High School! It's over and done with sooooo EXPECT UPDATES TODAY! 
            Thanks for your patience!
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Untouchable {A Werewolf Romance}

Social data: 29.7K reads. 655 votes. 88 comments.

Description: When you are in love, you would do anything for that person. Even deny the one thing they truly wanted. What if the person, the one you would die for, was in danger? And the only way to save them was to run aw...


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Story Reading List

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