Hey everyone! It's not that i wouldn't upload stories anymore but more of a 'i can't' problem since wattpad writing settings isn't working, I've been trying for days now so this isn't going anywhere. I have a very old Wattpad acc that i would be posting on now or tomorrow so if you like to read more you might want to be there?? I only uploaded a H story which is weird don't judge me and might be more? I dunno but i will continue uploading Book 3 of Cannon Fodder Little Husband [Quick Wear] since i like that one. No questions now just informing you all
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@Erishi_An they said the page cant be found


@Erishi_An Thank you so much with all your posts, often stories we cannot find anywhere else !!


@Erishi_An  Same I use this old acc of mine since I forgot the password of my new account, we have same weird taste back then  I cant delete this libraries of mine gosh my teenage self is a mess


Hi, sorry for intruding here in your message board. I just like to ask for help. I was reading this book before, with a book cover of Wei Wuxian kissing Land Zhan but it's not a fanfic story of that couple. It's a transmigration black danmei that I forgot the title but can still vaguley remember the plot of it. The MC is around 28 years old when he was kin of unfairly killed and woke up in a body of a child who was shivering in cold and littered with various wounds and bruises in a storage room. Based from the fragmented memories gathered from his new body, he realized that he's in the body of a villain of the novel he once read in his original world. And that villain kind of happens to share the same name as him. Anyways, he also realized that the Male Lead will kill him in a freaking war since he's a demon lord and a threat to the cultivation world. The Male lead's wifey in that very novel is a transmigrator who is equally deadly like her hubby, a previous assassin from her original world. Out of fear, he kept his newfound identity a secret by using an alias. To make the story short, he ended up with the same cultivation teacher as the male lead but he kept treating the male lead as a freaking kid, since the ML was so good at acting like a pitiful yet bubbly kid towards him who likes to be clingy around him. The very last chapter I read from that story is that he was planning to abandon the ML while they're still around 10 or 11 years old, since he's thinking that their next meeting will be at the battlefield as enemies. He also mentioned that his new identity happened to have a giant familiar of a snake with multiple head in the same novel he once read. Please help me find its title, thank you so much. Sorry for the intrusion.


You won't respond for sure, and that's fine lmao. I just wanted to say I LOVE your style of writing. It's for sure unique and unlike any other novels I have ever read! Even the format of your writing sure is different... and that's what makes your books so special. (Besides the fact that your books are insanely well-made from a great author (you)


@CaptainoftheGAEYS I totally agree with this message


Hi lately I have a book on my mind once I read. But I can't remember the name. A bookwear novel also BL. Mc was in love with a scumbag before bookwear. After he wear it he start a relationship with scumbag s father. They are marrying and had a child. Mc was studying Chinese medicine and make his husbands headache go away. And lately they were discovering that scumgong wasn't his husbands real son. If you know the name can you please tell me the name? It's torturing me 


@Ajbdpd1735 I don't know if this is it, but your description reminds me of the novel, "Second Marriage of a Wealthy Old Man."


Hi ganna ask do you know the tittle of this story it's quick wear where the mc Shou is a doll with no hearth and his wearing book to help the ml who is god of war he's also the one helping mc travel in different world at first they don't know each other until some clue because mc don't remember his past life the villain is the immortal emperor who create mc
          Please who ever know tittle please let me know. 


@imasoftegg it's called "Hold My Man"


I just finished the first book of Professional Face Stepping and started the second book. What happened to the end of arc 9? The usual chapter that covers the transition between arcs doesn’t seem to be in either book. I’ve enjoyed all of your work so far.