I'm Emily Mah Tippetts and I've got two versions of my name I write under. Once upon a time I was just plain Emily Mah, and I went to Clarion West Writer's Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy. I still love writing in that genre and thus I still do, under that same name. I've sold short stories to magazines and anthologies and have been in Critical Mass, an invitation only writer's group in New Mexico, for over a decade. You'll see my name in a lot of acknowledgments of science fiction books. S.M. Stirling made me the Premier of part of Canada in one of his books. I also introduced the two guys who write together under the name, James SA Corey, to each other.

In 2008, I decided to try my hand at romance and chick lit, so I took another version of my name, E.M. Tippetts and sold a novel to a small press. While I ended up splitting with that press, I loved the genre, so when the indie movement got going, I published two more chick lits this way, and much to my surprise, sold three times as many copies as I had through a traditional publisher.

My favorite authors are too many to name. When I was a kid, it was Orson Scott Card, who has since become a friend and sometimes mentor. These days I read a lot of Susanna Kearsley, Stephanie Burgis, Robin Hobb, Alexander McCall Smith, and Carrie Vaughn. There are more good books than I have the time or money to read right now, which means life is very, very good.

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EmilyMahTippetts EmilyMahTippetts Jan 13, 2016 01:29AM
Today is LAUNCH day for My Wicked Half-Sister. The whole ARC of the book is now up on Wattpad. Thanks, everyone who's read and voted on it. Those of you who are able, if you could leave a review for...
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My Wicked Half-Sister (Someone Else's Fairytale #4)

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