Ive read all your wattpadd works on my lost profile and am nearly finished with heat for a second time on this profile and next will be i am only one for the second time (first on this profile) superb writer you are, hope to see some more of your work in the future. Thanks for getting me hooked onto the whole vampire/werewolf genre. Never liked it much till i read i am only one :)


I'm soooo glad I found you again...It's been too long and I missed your updates!!! I'm a great fan of yours... Love you and wish you the best!!


Hey Em, not to boast or anything, but I ave read all your books on Wattpad. However, I will very much like it if u can continue "all the king's men".


Hey Em! I’ve been a long standing fan of yours since the first updates of IAOO. I know you’ve had it pretty rough last year and just wanted to check in to see how your doing.  I love your books and would love to see an update, but that’s not what this post is about. I hope your staying safe and healthy through this pandemic. Take care and hope to see you online soon. 


 I'm sorry to uhh over work you, disturb you or anything but I was reading "I am only one" and I was quite fascinated in Raine and Marku and I also saw at the end of the book that you had made only two chapters for them. Well I was hoping you could continue that, if not then its totally fine but it would very much make my day.


I love your books, I've wating for coal and heat to keep reading, I know is a lot to ask but is kind of an obsession of mine, please 


I love reading your stories, I would really like to read the story of faeryn(Eve and Michael's baby) I hope I got the name right