losing 40,000 words on a stolen hard drive is worse then losing a limb. No notes, no recollection of exactly what was written in those 4am sessions, only the knowledge that something had been created and now it - and the soul that went into it - is gone.


@EllaCharlotte awww Im feelind sad just to read that You lost all your hard works and chapters of this Perfect Story but I will still wait forever just to read another line from Your Story but don't be upset nor sad about it, am sure with a mind like Yours and imagination as Yours, You will definitely recall it.. with respect and admiration from Me.


Hi, I know its been years but whats happening with I am the Alpha 2? I've been waiting for a long time and I really love that book and would appreciate some update, no pressure 


Hey there,
          Firstly, thanks for reading my message, I'm Sean and am on a quest to publish my first book. I've done the trials of endless nights (typing and editing), fought the dragon (scoured the book for errors), and saved the trapped goblin! Now I've teamed up with Inverto Girl (my cousin Emma Lowe) and am off to consult with the Book Keeper (an editor). The thing is, her fees are quite high and I was wondering if I could interest you in some really cool offers, to assist with this quest? 
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After years and years we are all waiting,  pray everything is fine on your side and you're doing more than better.  Your story and plot is beyond perfection and I can't just stop thinking what would happen next.  Please update don't let me hanging