Who's Eddy? 


EDIDIONG AKPAN (Eddy), is a lovely and outgoing girl. She's also 5.8ft tall, or maybe even taller! JK xD... Just 5ft8.

Eddy is a foodie or an FFO, whichever way you want to put it. And also, a movie freak(Mostly American, Chinese, Korean, and Thailand movies).

Eddy listens to not just Nigerian and American music, but also kpop. Favorite bg; BTS, Enhypen.

Eddy is currently a student of Ambrose Alli University (AAU), in the department of business administration, under the faculty of management science.

She loves to draw comics and also write interesting books.

Eddy doesn't feel she has the best book on Wattpad, and neither does she feel that her writing skills are the best. But Eddy got interesting books that would get you asking for more.

Eddy was born on July (July 9).

Eddy is a dark-skinned Nigerian bae.

She's from Akwaibom but is based in Lagos.

Eddy loves to travel. She wishes to travel around the world.

Eddy started writing her first book C.R.U.S.H, on the 26th of June, 2019.

Eddy's dream is to see her books come Into reality.

Please I hardly check my Dm these days so just move to the conversation board instead, it's easier that way.

@Emy_Akpan (elder sis)
@HappyAkpan (Younger sis)

🌸Books written by Eddy🌸
💮C.R.U.S.H (Romance) (completed).

💮Blossom High School Series: Book 1, 2 & 3 (Teen-Fiction) (Completed)

🌸STRAPPED (Romance) (completed)

🌸 THE BREAKFAST CLUB (Romance) (ongoing)

Evolution of Eddy on Wattpad.

2016: She had a quack phone though in secondary school. Knew about Wattpad and made an account.

2017: Didn't use the app and just abandoned it on her phone

2018: Deleted the app

2019: Got bored during a lecturer's class and installed the app again. Used previous linked account instead of creating a new one. Thought of writing and did.

2020 - infinity: Kept writing.

Gmail edidiongakpan104@gmail.com
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