I hope one day that you will write another book that you think is Worthy of putting on Wattpad. Because this book, if this was your first book, then it was a very good story sad but good! And I really truly hope you decide to write one that is worthy to be put here on Wattpad. So I will be looking forward to seeing a new story from you hopefully soon.


hey....I'm in love with ur writing as I've said around 100 times in ur book, I love everything about that book, and i dont think i could say a bad thing abt it. ur writing is so good it made me shiver at bad times and unconsciously grin when something good happens. i want to thank you for writing such an amazing book. the comment below me literally describes how i feel about the book "when i tell you i love this book, i utterly, wholeheartedly mean it"


I read 'Niccolo' for the first time in 2018, it's almost about 5 years since then and after reading ton loads of books, Niccolo still tops my list of best books I've ever read. This book has literally no competition. I am reading this book for the third time and when I tell you I love this book still the same as I read it for the first time, I utterly, wholeheartedly mean it. 


@intensely_subtle do you have any other book recommendations? like this but with happy endings? x


Yo author, u legit made me cry so hard ....I'm a sucker for sad endings but i hate it but again yet i love it.....the way u expressed the feelings and emotions and their characteristics were on point and the sole reason that made this book heart touching......Niccolo shouldn't have suffered that much....he suffered a lot already and now living with a sad memory is just making things worse for him....but it's ur book ur choice.....I'd like to say again...that this book is a masterpiece of a rollercoaster of emotions....every bit was perfectly detailed and beautiful.....I LOVE NICCOLO and I'm bawling my eyes out....i cried as if i actually lost Niccolo.....I'm so sad for Niccolo....THIS BOOK IS A GEM!-


Sameeee i cried myself to sleep Caus of this really sad yet good endinggg 


I think a lot of people have written amazing comments about Niccolo.  I'll just add that your words were heart felt ..we can feel the pain and the ups and downs in the emotions of the characters which gave rise to tears in my eyes. Really touching story. It shows a reality we don't live. But as humans we all go through experiences in life, and whichever culture it might be, we understand humility, pain and broken dreams. Please continue writing and I hope the best for you in your future writing endeavors! 


@mras73 I totally agree with you 


Okay so now I’m getting scared about the endingI know I put a lot of comments about how I don’t really “like” Camilla but Niccolo he has my heart ❤️ I love him and Luca. I’ve fallen in love with them both and I just know something is going to happen pray for me I’ll be back