Ok, so I'm BunnyBabble. obviously not my name but a COMBO of nicknames bestowed upon me. so few things I've been told that I'm innocent and pure and once a cinnamon child that should not be tainted. I don't understand what people mean when they say stuff like this to me. all I do is smile and make sure people are happy and smiling too. it might be because I don't understand what they are saying when they talk about certain things but I'm not going to get into that.
I'm the mom friend. no joke, not exaggerating. I legit keep a first aid kit (for my self and others) and snacks in my backpack plus I bring extra jackets of perfume/deodorant and stuff to do hair.
I LOVE READING!!! Uncle Rick is my favorite author. I have read the PJO, HoO, KC, MCaGoA, ToA, DMM series I have not read any ToA after the burning maze though. Sadness. but I own the hole MCaGoA series and I love FieroChase and BlitStone needs to happen. also Harry Potter is cool own the whole series have read it entirely about 3 to 4 times.
Anime is needed for life. I love anime and honestly if forced at knifepoint to pick a favorite and grab the knife and stab myself. just saying.
I love to draw and just art in general. I have like maybe five pieces that I actually flaunt/claim but that's it.

anyway as you can now probably understand the name Babble I wish all a wonderful day/life.
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