"To the superficial observer... it will appear like madness..."

- Carl Gustav Jung II

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

-Cyril Connolly

You can call me: Weirdo
Fanfiction.net: Weirdo.blabber (I don't use it anymore)
Education: College

Why I started writing: I started writing... well, I can't remember exactly when I started to write. Just that when I discovered the world of drawing and comics, I started to make my own stories; though they were more of comics than novels in paragraph format. Around 2008, I started reading Fanfiction because I got involved (and somewhat addicted to) in Eyeshield 21. It was a really interesting anime/manga and when it ended I just felt empty. My friend referred me to Fanfiction and after reading a lot, I got interested to write my own Fanfictions. And that's why I'm here now.

What inspires me to write: I don't really know. My epiphanies, I guess? There are times when I say, 'Ah, I want to write something about...' and then plan about it, and put it on paper (or MS Word). But there are times--and rarely does this happen--that I suddenly get an idea out of nowhere and get inspired to write something. Usually, I get better results from the latter, although planning is good when writing stories, it is what good writers do. I, however, am not exactly a good writer and so I do not usually plan. I will do that someday soon... I hope...

I am currently liking: I am currently liking Kuroko no Basuke although no matter how much I try I cannot write about it for the life of me. It seems I am not good at writing male characters, which is a let-down. I also like Fairy Tail, although I am not reading the manga anymore because of studies and other things I am currently involved in. I also like Criminal Minds, Horimiya, and some other stuff. I cannot process everything at this moment, I am sorry.

Long live, writers!
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